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I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be published and featured in a few of my favorite photography resources such as Senior Style Guide and Modern Teen Style! It’s so fun to see your work on national websites and magazines. I think it is so important to have these experiences because I know that it’s not only me that thinks my work is improving and it definitely gives me a boost of confidence! It feels so great when your peers and mentors are able to recognize your work and give you a little thumbs up! I also think my clients get to know me more and trust my skills and business because my industry has been able to recognize my work.

I always want to keep learning and growing and I know that if I can push myself, I can excel at my goals and be able to be among those photographers that I admire and love. There is always room to grow and I am slowly getting to where I want to be. I have been loving photography for years and now that I have found my passion in teen and high school photography, I can’t wait to further grow my portfolio and offer amazing images to teens and high school seniors. Here’s to always dreaming!!

xoxo Priscilla