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About Priscilla Davis – Las Vegas High School Senior Photographer

 Las Vegas High School Senior Photographer

Your photographer, Priscilla Davis

My senior year is fully documented thanks to an album full of pictures that I took during that time. I’ve always loved capturing life around me and I LOVE having pictures at football games, dressing up in 80’s clothes for homecoming week and holding hands with my high school sweetheart. That’s why I love being a  Las Vegas High School Senior Photographer! I’m now lucky enough to professionally take pictures of your senior year, but these images are not just snapshots. Your senior portraits are about highlighting the very best parts of who you are RIGHT NOW. These photographs are so important because you grow up. This is it. This is the last time you will be at this stage of your life and you are here to shine. You have your whole life ahead of you! I’m here to document your favorite moments of your senior year.

And when I’m not photographing seniors, I photograph my amazing 3 year old Slade, and little baby girl Emma during our daily adventures. You can see them under #notasenioryet on Instagram! haha I am so blessed to have married that same high school sweetheart I held hands with at school and now we have crazy adventures with our little family like racing cars in the dessert and eating ice cream at cold stone. When I’m not with my family, I love organizing, watching tv and dancing in my kitchen. I honestly feel like I’m still 16 most of the time and I hope to live like that as long as I can!


Here are some of my favorites!

 Grey’s Anatomy, Tiffany Blue, Heavenly Father, Scrapbooking, Snickerdoodles, Apple, Disneyland, MAC Cosmetics, Pink Box Donuts, Organizing, Journaling, Carrie Underwood, Kate Spade, Cold Stone

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